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Turmeric(haridra) – Curcuma longa and its role in Various allergies.


turmericAllergy according to ayurevda is due to  accumulation of AMA (or toxins)or  lack of good immunity( vyadi kshamatva) .

Every person is ayurveda is treated as a unique entity, and hence some have got good resistance to fight against allergens and some lack it or have less resistance. This lack of immunity can be present by birth or acquired due to imbalance in doshas (vata, pitta and kapha).

TURMERIC is one of the magic herbs which has good curcumin as an active ingredient, which serves preventive as well as curative purpose.

Preventive uses :-

Uses ——– a) A good healer of wounds.

b) Enhances complexion.

c) Useful in all types of skin diseases.

d) Alleviates toxic condition.

e) Scraps out all the unnecessary fats.

f) Useful in emaciation / under nutrition.

g) Boosts up the immune system.

h) Useful in cold and rhinitis.
I) Detoxifies Liver
J) Anti carcinogenic

It is a health protector. It improves the body immunity. By regular use of Haridra it can avoid cold & cough during season change, sore throat, skin diseases, and pain & swelling in points, after delivery, it can be applied with sesame oil.
Curative uses:-
1.It removes toxins from blood and increases hemoglobin percentage.
2. A decoction prepared from its rhizome relieves pain.
3. Cold/Cough/Asthma-Haridra with honey is the best remedy.
4. Sprain/Inflammatory ailments of joints-poultice of its paste with sesame oil, if applied hot, then will be effective treatment from sprains.

Main Preparations are- Haridra Khand, Allerkhand, Chandraprabha vatika, Sudarshana Churna.
How to use: – .It can be used while cooking the vegetables at home. ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed with warm glass of milk, early morning or before going to the bed is enough. In case you don’t want milk can mix the same amount of turmeric in warm water (early morning is the best).


TRIPHALA :- “ Ayurvedic Herbal Detox “


       Triphala is the combination of three herbs :-

1.Amlaki(Emblica officinalisa) :- It is one of the richest source of Vit.C, which in itself inhibits the formation of N (nitroso) compounds. It is found to reduce the toxic effects of known carcinogens, mutagens and clastogens.( consists of ellagic acid, gallic acid and tannins).

2.  Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) :- Its widely used as a laxative and astringent. It is also used as a medicine for ailments like fever, cough, diarrhea, oral thrush, inflammation, dyspepsia, skin and liver diseases. Possesses anti microbial, anti fungal, anti diuretic and anti mutagenic effects.

3.Vibhitaki (Terminalia bellerica) :-  It is reported to exhibit a variety of biological activities including anti mutagenic, anti microbial, anti viral, anti anaphylaxis, anti cancer, anti oxidant and free radical scavenging activities, protective effect against oxidative stress induced hepatotoxicity. Cytotoxic effects of the fruit extracts helps in several human cancer cell lines including breast cancer, osteosarcoma and prostate cancer.

This herbal combination can be taken on the regular basis.

Take 1 tab spoon of this powder and add to 200ml of warm water to it.  Can be taken on daily basis, with the same dosage. it also relieves Constipation , acid reflux and bloated  abdomen.