FROZEN SHOULDER (apbahuka):-


FROZEN SHOULDER (apbahuka):-

frozen-shoulderApabahuka is a disease that usually affects the Amsa sandhi (shoulder joint).It is produced by the Vata dosha. Acharya Sushruta and others have considered Apabahuka as a Vataja vikara. Amsa shosha (wasting of the shoulder) can be considered as the preliminary stage of the disease, where loss or dryness of sleshaka kapha from amsa sandhi occurs.


Modern View :-

Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is the result of inflammation, scarring, thickening, and shrinkage of the capsule that surrounds the normal shoulder joint. Any injury to the shoulder can lead to frozen shoulder.







Management through Ayurveda:-



The general line of treatment mentioned for Vatavyadhi in Ayurvedic classics include oliation (Snehana)(both internal and external), Sudation(Swedan), Mild cleansing(Mrudusamshodha), Medicated Anema(Basti), Holding the medicated oil on the head & Administration of nasal drops (sirobasti  & Nasya), and so on.

Charaka further states that, depending on the location and dushya (tissue element vitiated by Vata) each patient should be given specific therapies. Vagbhata has mentioned Nasal drops (Nasyakarma) in the disorders related to the upper body (jatroordhva Vikaras).

Ayurveda deals with this condition through PANCHKARMA OR DETOX procedures, as ayurveda believes in removing the root cause of the condition.  Ayurveda treatment includes internal administration of medicated Kashayams (decoctions), Aristams (concoctions), oils for both internal and external use, and local application of herbal paste (lepam). Lepam1


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